Mt Galunggung west java

Mt Galunggung west java

Lightning strikes during the eruption of the G...

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Landscapes in the form of volcanic crater and the potential embarrassment of flora including daughter, walang rice pest, saladah, sulfur moss, amethyst, Kaliandra, dowala, ferns, hamerang, burnugr and almond. While the fauna that can be found among kawung snake, python, snake striped, green snakes, ciung stones, books Tan and black langur. With terjadinyna prolonged eruption of the volcano crater and Mount Warirang So since April 5, 1982, in which she has vomited scores twenty million cubic meters of waste material and Mount Apih causing major changes in the general condition good run private area directly or indirectly. ImageImageImage ImageImageImage With the physical state of the forest has been transformed into a barren land, state land and the third part became polluted and corrupted, the region- agricultural areas, livestock, horticulture and irrigation-irrigation damaged socio-economic circumstances surrounding communities of Mount Mersa anxiety, worry and hope of the future that is uncertain, especially for those directly hit by disasters. As a result of damage to the forest area is considered necessary to overcome as soon as possible so that the function forest immediately restored, this requires the existence of rehabilitation efforts on areas that were damaged, out of a total area of protected forests and forest area of 6036.10 ha produksimencakup. Not only rehabilitate the forest alone, Perum Perhutani also build Wana Wisata Cipanas Galunggung since 1988 with the facilities provided in the form of gates, bath / shower, shelters, etc.. Facilities Facilities contained in WW Cipanas Galunggung amongst others, the bridge, to the bathhouse showers bengunan 12, guardhouse, a water reservoir tanks, supermarket and kiosk vendors. accessibility Location This can be achieved with four-wheeled vehicles. Distance from Tasikmalaya about 17 km to the condition of paved roads.

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