COVID-19 Learner Support Package

COVID-19 Learner Support Package
Most schools have developed activities for parents and learners to work together to extend school work into the home so as for learning to continue during this trying period. To maximise learning outcomes and achievements during this period, we advise parents to provide a quiet place and a regular time for homework and other learning activities.

Creating a routine for studying – space and time

Routines are important because they give children a sense of security and help them develop patterns of self- discipline. A predictable routine allows children to feel safe, and to develop a sense of mastery in a safe secure environment. As this sense of mastery is strengthened, it then persuades a child to tackle larger challenges. Helping children feel safe and ready to take on new challenges is one of parent’s responsibilities. Structure and routines allows children to internalise constructive habits and function well with others. Establishing a family routine with regular mealtimes, bedtimes, homework time, and outdoor play and exercise time is important. Sharing time with family in a structured routine gives a child a sense of meaning, belonging and security.

It is a parental responsibility to make the home a suitable environment for learning. Part of this includes ensuring that there is space for the child to study. Additionally, having a set time and space to do homework, kids learn how to sit themselves down to accomplish a task.