Pacific Asia Tourism

Pacific Asia Tourism

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Training, Education & Research for Sustainable Tourism

We have a long history of involvement in South Pacific tourism. We deliver culturally sensitive sustainable tourism training, education & research programs in customer service, tourism policy & planning, ‘green jobs’, cultural & eco-guide training.


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Assisting UNWTO Themis Foundation deliver training

In Bhutan and Tanzania, we designed & delivered training workshops for public and private sector partnerships contributing to an improvement in the quality, competitiveness and sustainability of the national tourism sector.


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Wildlife tourism

Contributing to conservation of the endangered Sumatran Rhino, Way Kambas National Park, Sumatra.

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Ecolodges for biodiversity conservation

Ecotourism is at the front-line of sustainable tourism approaches. We undertake opportunity assessments, business plans & will invest in ecolodge operations with a strong sustainability approach & philanthropic focus.


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International Labor Organisation: Green jobs in the tourism sector

Over 40% of the global workforce and their dependents live in poverty and insecurity. We’ve provided input to the ILO and policy advise to the government of Indonesia from gainful employment and decent work in the tourism industry.


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We work throughout the Pacific islands and Asia region and occasionally in Africa. We have a particular interest in the least developed countries where tourism is almost universally the leader in economic growth, foreign exchange, investment and job creation.

Globally, international tourism is the:

  • Largest ongoing migration of people in history *
  • World’s largest voluntary transfer of resources from rich people to poor people **

Pacific Asia Tourism Pty Ltd is an independent research, consultancy and education/training organisation focused on the capacity of sustainable tourism to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

* Reference: (Convention on Biological Diversity, UNEP).

** Reference: (Mitchell, J. and Ashley, C., Tourism and Poverty Reduction: Pathways to Prosperity, London: Earthscan, 2010).

Member: Global Sustainable Tourism Council