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Minangkabau Tours - Indonesia

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Map of Sumatra   Sumatra Island

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First, you have to know that West Sumatra is a province of Indonesia, the largest archipelago in the world (see photo 1). West Sumatra is one of Indonesia’s provinces located within the Island of Sumatra (photo 3). West Sumatra is also known as Ranah Minang or Land of the Minangkabaus, the largest ethnic group within the province. The Capital City is Padang. However, most Indonesians know West Sumatra as Padang. So, don’t be confused. Padang can refer to the province of West Sumatra for many but for those who have been to this beautiful destination will know that Padang is just the Capital.

This is my personal blog showing the many tourism establishments, objects, attractions which I believe should be visited to have a feel of the history and culture of West Sumatra, The Land of the Minangkabaus.

Who am I? Is this purely a personal choice or is it also a professional recommendation for tourists-to-be.

Well, so that you know, I am a tourism consultant and trainer, born in Central Java, lived half of my life overseas, and have a doctoral degree in Tourism Management. I have worked in all areas of tourism, from sales and marketing all the way to general management of hotels (up to 4-star levels), travel agents and tour operators, as well airlines. I have also once published an English-language Tourism magazine distributed in hotels in Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia, on the island of Java. I came invited to this place 10 years ago (2002) to train and manage a hotel. I am still here after all these years. Why?

So, I believe that this blog is also my professional recommendation on where to stay, what to see, eat and drink, how to travel, when you are in West Sumatra.

Although I do not own a Tour Operator Company at the moment I am affiliated with Ermi Tours (www.ermitours.com) You can book tours, hotels through me or direct to Ermi Tours, and we will organize for you an unforgettable pleasant journey while in West Sumatra.

I will  serve you in the best way I can and you can communicate with me through my email : abdulrudsmit@gmail.com

I look forward to you visit to The Land of the Minangkabaus.

A. Rudolf Smit – Your Personal Tourism Counselor

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