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Raja Ampat is an archipelago located in West Papua. This place is full of beautiful underwater view and great above-the-surface scenery. Some people even call it the King of Coral Beauty. If you are more of a diving person and haven’t tried this site, you will miss one of the greatest views on earth. For those who fanatically love the underwater view, Raja Ampat is widely known as the world’s best diving site. 

Let’s take a brief look about this place. Raja Ampat, since 2003, was a part of Kabupaten Sorong. This area is occupied by 31,000 people and it has 610 islands, which only 35 out of 610 islands that have been occupied. Some of those islands are nameless. There are 4 groups of the biggest islands, Misool Island, Salawati Island, Batanta Island, and Waigeo Island. With the very vast expanse of sea and the still-virgin islands, it is not surprisingly that the beautiful of these islands will automatically attract the tourists that come here.

Raja Ampat is one of the areas which are covered in the Coral Triangle. FYI, Coral Triangle an area with the widest variety of sea biological in the world. Some of the countries that are covered in Coral Triangle are Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Japan, and Australia.

The corals in Raja Ampat are considered as the most complete corals in the world. 75% out of 537 corals in the world can be seen in this site. There are also 1,104 fishes, 669 mollusks, and 537 corals animals. This site is been a heaven for the fishing enthusiasts, since there are too many fish to catch. 

In addition to Raja Ampat, there are groups of islands that will bewitch you with its own unique floras and faunas like red cendrawasih, Wilson cendrawasih, maleo waigeo, many kinds of cockatoo and parrot, cuscus waigeo, and various kinds of orchids. 

So, are you tired of your city life and want to refresh your mind? Raja Ampat is a great choice for you to make that happen. Enjoy your visit and enjoy Indonesia

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