Indonesia Tourist Information | Tourism Site of Indonesia

Indonesia Tourist Information | Tourism Site of Indonesia

As the world’s biggest archipelago with more than 17.508 islands, Indonesia owns numerous potentials for tourists: its nature with diversities of flora and fauna, history, culture, arts, and customs of various tribes and ethnicities. In addition, the marine potentials, stretching on the coastal line of 80.000 km, offer not only beautiful coastal panorama that lure the eyes but also serve as nautical heaven that invites further explorations.

Bali, one of the frequently chosen islands, seems to incessantly attract tourists from all over the world. Like the island of Gods, each span of the land in Bali seems to emanate the charms that bind tourists to revisit the place. Various dances such as Kecak and Barong, as well as Ogoh-ogoh festival persistently amaze tourists. Here, tourists may also enjoy adventure with tame elephants brought from Central and South Sumatera in Elephant Safari Park in Gianyar District. Not only conserving God’s creation, the Balinese also highly respects their ancestor’s spirit. Many performed rituals, such as Ngaben (the ritual for cremating a corpse), may also be memorable tourist attractions.

Bali Dance

While Bali has Hindu dances, Yogyakarta has its own dance performance. Tourists may watch the Ramayana performance, a heroic epic rich in wisdom. Ramayana is performed in Prambanan temple located not far from Borobudur temple, the biggest Buddhist temple. For antique collectors, while still in Yogyakarta, you may visit Banyusumurup village, a tourist village that produces a variety of Kris (or Keris) and its accessories. The Javanese are indeed known for their royal heritage. Tourists who are curious with the charm of Kris may visit many craft centers of Kris spread in some areas of Java Island.

Furthermore, for historical lovers, Sangiran Park in Sragen area around 20 km from Solo, may be the major destination. There, tourists may visit Museum of Fossils in Sangiran and the world’s biggest archeological site that displays primeval fossils of the fi rst human being in Java, Phitecantropus Erectus. As a cultural heritage, one of UNESCO’s world heritages, Sangiran offers fossils of ancient fl ora and fauna. This of course may become an incomparably attractive special tourist destination.

Moreover, memorable experience may also be gotten from Kampung Naga in Tasikmalaya or Kampung Baduy in Banten. Among the advancement of modernity, the people in the two villages still strictly keep their customs, norms, and traditional way of life, contrary with the modern life: they live in simple way and always keep the balance of life by living in unity with the Nature. A unique attraction can also be found in Banten, i.e. debus. Only few people can perform the indeed dangerous debus since it require special knowledge and skills which need to be developed and sustained.

Not less interesting is the art performance of tribal war. Pasola, in Nusa Tenggara Timur (East Nusa Tenggara), is one of the places that offers such performance, where there are two groups of cavalry who throw 1.5 m spears to each other at the Savanna meadow in Sumba island. Thrilling, for sure, is the performance. Even though the spears are blunt, they can still injure the opponents. The unique thing is they perceive the blood spilled from the “battlefield” as something useful for land fertility and harvest.

Unique Attractions

Those are only parts of unique attractions discussed in this Indonesia Tourist Information site. Peeling Indonesia with its entire potentials requires tons of ink; it is always attractive and tourists will be amazed by the charms with which God blesses this country.