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Dipper sundanese castanets that is prototype from angklung. differ from angklung that perfominged by shaken, manner hit dipper with stick (wilahan, lath) from ruas (bamboo tube) that follow titi barrel (tone ladder) pentatonik (da-mi-na-ti-la). bamboo kind for dipper maker most of awi wulung (black bamboo), but there also that made from awi temen (white coloured bamboo).
Dipper explanation besides as a means of also cling with the title art shows. there two sundanese dipper forms that is known, that is dipper rantay and dipper carries.
Dipper Rantay
Dipper rantay the tube lath is lined up with spades thong (lulub) from biggest until smallest, the total 7 wilahan (7 ruas bamboo) or more. the tool composition there one line and there also two lines (dipper indung and child/dipper dipper rincik). manner perfomings dipper rantay striken with two hands while sit bersi, usually dipper tied at tree or house room (dipper rantay banjaran-bandung), there also that made ancak” dudu” special from bamboo/wood, dipper for example tarawangsa at cibalong and cipatujah, tasikmalaya, dipper rantay at banjaran and kanekes/baduy.

Dipper Jingjing
As to dipper carries formed suggestive bamboo line that is unified with sebi little bamboo (paniir). dipper carries to consist of four or five fruit, like dipper kingking (consist of 12 bamboo tubes), dipper panepas (5 /3 and 2 bamboo tubes), dipper jongjrong(5 /3 and 2 bamboo tubes), and howl dipper (2 bamboo tubes). completion dipper in the development these days there only use dipper kingking one fruit, panempas two fruit and howl dipper one fruit, without use dipper jongjrong manner perfoming it striken by hand right wear hammer, and left hand carry/holds castanets. while technique hit deliver other melody, mengeleter, mengemprang, mengempyung, meraeh, merincik, merangkep (meracek), salancar, kotrek and solorok.

Dipper kind now is blooming and known in general that is dipper carries. dipper has carried castanets kind that long known by sundanese society, for example in sundanese society at region sindang heula – brebes, central java, and possible be development from dipper form rantay. but at west java, this artistry form is pathed when university student padjadjaran (unpad) that merged into student university council artistry departement (artistry institution unpad) develop this dipper form pass the creativity in the year 1961. follow one of the the pioneer, ekik barkah, that is pengkemasan dipper carries with show it to inspired by game form in show reog that fuse element tabuh, movement and song is merged. then in the year 1963 game forms and tabuh dipper more developed again by kith from studiklub theater bandung (stb; koswara sumaamijaya et al), and between year 1964 – 1965 dippers more socialized again by kith at unpad as art shows has comfort and information (elucidation (oman suparman, he is ruchiyat, eppi k. , enip sukanda, edi, external, and kith), and dipper group sman 4 bandung (abdurohman et al). furthermore spring up dipper groups at society bandung, for example layung essence, cheerful earth, and glamor (1970) and others, up to these days spring up dipper player idol names among others tajudin nirwan, odo, uko hendarto, adang cengos, and hendarso.

Dipper artistry development so fast at west java, up to there increasing several castanets in dipper, for example kosrek, kacapi, piul (violin) and may even exist that equip with keyboard and guitar. vocal element is very dominant, so that many spring up famous dipper vocalist, like adang cengos, and hendarso.