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Relevance for Work in the Western Cape Tourism Industry of the National Certificate Vocational in Tourism Education at TVET Colleges

Engelbrecht, Mardine; Spencer, John; van der Bijl, Andre – Industry and Higher Education, 2017

This article investigates the relevance of the National Certificate Vocational (NCV) tourism programme for the South African tourism industry in terms of skills needed by tourism students to work in the tourism industry after graduating. The NCV programmes were introduced in 2007 at public Further Education and Training Colleges (now Technical,…

Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Relevance (Education), Tourism, Certification

Individual Aspects in Professional Training of Tourism Specialists in the UK

Sidorov, Vadym – Comparative Professional Pedagogy, 2018

The article deals with individual aspects in professional training of tourism specialists in the UK. It has been specified that alongside with the global development of tourism education, the UK revealed the potential of its tourism industry with the introduction of the Development of Tourism Act in 1969. Consequently, the tourism education in the…

Descriptors: Tourism, Benchmarking, Specialists, Competition

Does Commissioning Process Matter? Understanding Translation Quality with a Case of Tourism Promotional Texts

Napu, Novriyanto – Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies, 2018

This paper aims to shed light on how translation commissioning process relates to the level of the quality of translation set within the context of tourism promotional text translation. Translation quality has been one of the main concerns in the translation of tourism promotional materials. The translation of tourism promotional materials is…

Descriptors: Translation, Tourism, Marketing, Second Languages

Relationship between Geography-Tourism and Tourism’s Effects According to High School Students

Koca, Nusret; Yildirim, Ramazan – Review of International Geographical Education Online, 2018

This research was designed in the screening model to determine the opinions of high school students on tourism effects and geography-tourism relations. The data were gathered from 760 students who were educated in high schools in the central district of Kütahya, identified by cluster sampling method. The data were collected with the help of a…

Descriptors: Tourism, High School Students, Foreign Countries, Student Attitudes

Study on Optimal Spatial Allocation between Tourism Industry and Subject–The Case of Yunnan Province

Wang, Qi; Zhang, Mu; Luo, Jing – Higher Education Studies, 2016

There exists mutual improvement and restriction between regional tourism industry and the development of the tourism subject. With the rapid development of the tourism industry, it has set up the tourism program in the universities of Yunnan Province. However, the regional development of the construction of tourism subject is not balanced and its…

Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Geographic Regions, Tourism, Population Distribution

Eco-Tourism Development Strategy Balurannational Park in the Regency of Situbondo, East Java, Indonesia

Siswanto, Adil; Moeljadi – International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education, 2015

Baluran National Park in the regency of Situbondo, East Java-Indonesia, highly prospective for development of sustainable tourism that can improve the welfare of local people. The suitable tourism type is eco-tourism with local people involvement. The purposes of this study are: 1) To know the local people involvement in eco-tourism development;…

Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Parks, Tourism, Community Involvement

Tourism Curriculum in a Global Perspective: Past, Present, and Future

Wattanacharoensil, Walanchalee – International Education Studies, 2014

This article summarizes the development of tourism curricula over the past 20 years from the perspective of global tourism. The paper proposes a generic framework for a future tourism curriculum on the basis of a review of literature in the American, British, and other European contexts. The proposed tourism curriculum aims to create well-rounded…

Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Tourism, Curriculum Development, Higher Education

A Study on Kinmen Resident’s Perception of Tourism Development and Culture Heritage Impact

Wang, Yi-Ping – EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education, 2016

Tourism development could drive the enhancement of national income and the demands for international tourism that tourism benefits have become the key source of national revenue. The integration of cultural relics with tourism development to drive the national or regional development has currently become the world trend. Making good use of the…

Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Tourism, Cultural Background, Questionnaires

Omani Tourism and Hospitality Students’ Employment Intentions and Job Preferences: Ramifications on Omanization Plans

Atef, Tamer; Al Balushi, Masooma – Quality Assurance in Education: An International Perspective, 2017

Purpose: This paper aims to assess receptiveness for Tourism and Hospitality as a career path among students in the Tourism Department of Sultan Qaboos University (College of Arts and Social Sciences), located in the Sultanate of Oman. The following objectives were identified to achieve this aim: assess respondents’ perceptions of tourism and…

Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Tourism, Hospitality Occupations, Career Choice

Online and Self-Directed Learning Readiness among Hospitality and Tourism College Students and Industry Professionals

Cavusoglu, Muhittin – ProQuest LLC, 2019

The purpose of this quantitative study was to compare self-directed learning readiness and online learning readiness between hospitality and tourism college students and industry professionals. The Self-Directed Learning Readiness Scale (SDLRS) was used for measuring self-directed learning readiness. After examining the reliability and validity…

Descriptors: Electronic Learning, Independent Study, Learning Readiness, Hospitality Occupations

Slovenian Tourism Curricula Analysis

Mušic, Katarina; Mekinc, Janez; Cvikl, Helena; Prelog, Timotej – European Journal of Educational Sciences, 2015

Advances are required in the Slovenian tourism education system in order to successfully cope with current and future issues and achieve balanced development. This research is focused on Slovenian undergraduate educational programmes in Tourism. We analysed the contents of the programmes, appointed relevant skill sets and later analysed the…

Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Tourism, Curriculum, Undergraduate Study

English for Tourism and Hospitality Purposes (ETP)

Zahedpisheh, Nahid; Abu Bakar, Zulqarnain B.; Saffari, Narges – English Language Teaching, 2017

The quick development of the tourism and hospitality industry can straightly influence the English language which is the most widely used and spoken language in international tourism in the twenty-first century. English for tourism has a major role in the delivery of quality service. Employees who work in the tourism and hospitality industry are…

Descriptors: English (Second Language), Second Language Instruction, English for Special Purposes, Tourism

Predictions on the Development Dimensions of Provincial Tourism Discipline Based on the Artificial Neural Network BP Model

Yang, Yang; Hu, Jun; Lv, Yingchun; Zhang, Mu – Higher Education Studies, 2013

As the tourism industry has gradually become the strategic mainstay industry of the national economy, the scope of the tourism discipline has developed rigorously. This paper makes a predictive study on the development of the scope of Guangdong provincial tourism discipline based on the artificial neural network BP model in order to find out how…

Descriptors: Tourism, Foreign Countries, Industry, Artificial Intelligence

Exploration of Marine Tourism in North Sumatra: An Analysis of Promoting Tourism

Sutono, Anang; Briandana, Rizki; Doktoralina, Caturida Meiwanto; Rekarti, Endi; Dwityas, Nindyta Aisyah – Journal of Social Studies Education Research, 2018

Tourism is important because it can revive economically a community around tourist attractions. North Sumatra Province, which includes Medan, shows great potential for the development of marine tourism. However, it is not run optimally. Moreover, poor quality infrastructure and human resources are also a threat to marine tourism in Indonesia. This…

Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Tourism, Information Technology, Marketing

Syntactic Analysis of Online Tourism Slogans: Frequency, Forms and Functions

Huadhom, Narumon; Trakulkasemsuk, Wannapa – PASAA: Journal of Language Teaching and Learning in Thailand, 2017

Tourism has been growing fast as a global industry. Promoting national tourism is therefore an important part of a country’s economic plan and can contribute to its economic success. Tourism slogans have always been part of the promotion of national tourism. Almost every country has their own catchy, pungent taglines to attract new tourists. This…

Descriptors: Syntax, Tourism, Web Sites, Classification