Dolo Waterfall, Kediri, East Java

Dolo Waterfall, Kediri, East Java

Kediri storing diverse natural resources, including waterfalls are in this area. The number of waterfalls in the area attracts local and foreign tourists to visit. One is Niagara Dolo. This resort is located in the hamlet of Besuki, Jugo village, District Mojo, Kediri, East Java. Mileage from Kediri to the west, approximately 25 kilometers. Although a bit far, but the scenery along the road to the location is fairly picturesque and beautiful.

Journey to Dolo Waterfall itself is pretty time consuming, about two hours from Pare or about an hour from the town of Kediri. But the trip will not be felt with a view on the right and the left that feels cool because the area often rains. Chance also approached the mountain so the journey covered a fairly thick fog.

Do not forget to bring a jacket and coat, because on top of a mountain high water content, making the air was a bit chilly. For the journey to Niagara Dolo, we had to stop in the village of Besuki and continue the journey by foot because the road heading towards Dolo Waterfall hike and not be impassable to vehicles. The streets in the form of stairs made of rocks circling the area.

Arriving in the village of Besuki, while unwind, we can enjoy a panoramic view of the village Jugo, Mojo, around the tower transmitter relay television and mobile phones. There we can find Irenggolo Falls. The falls are on a smaller scale than Niagara Dolo, but no less beautiful. After five minutes through the trails, waterfalls bertrap-natural trap can be seen. Hidden in teduhnya pine grove and forest, mountain breezes and the beautiful sounds of nature will make us complacent natural resources in this area.

After resting for a few minutes in the village of Besuki, we can move on to Dolo. Besuki mileage of about 4 kilometers. At this point of dismissal, proceed by foot to the waterfall. The road that we passed made of rocks combined with environmental design. So the natural impression is maintained. Moreover, at certain moments, the sound of birds chirping sounds endlessly. This area is there are a lot of birds are deliberately allowed to live in the area around Niagara Falls Dolo. Besides being able to add beautiful atmosphere, it can also make tourists linger at home here. The birds that exist in the region protected by the government because it included natural cultural heritage.

After about 10 minutes up the road, sooner or later we will hear gurgling waterfalls that will make us not wait to set foot in cold waterfalls. The location of the waterfall is approximately 1,800 meters above sea level. Medium height of the falls alone are estimated at 125 meters. So close to this waterfall, we immediately felt the grains are partially waterfall fly with the wind. Complete the water roar Dolo Waterfall sensation. Totally natural atmosphere that makes our hearts peace. We can capture this natural wealth with the pictures with family and friends nearby. If a normal day, the tourists who come not too much, but if weekends and holidays (red dates), tourists who come can reach three times.

Dolo Waterfall, Kediri, East Java

A few meters from the waterfall, we can find a vegetable garden and a strawberry in a hostel made of bamboo. For travelers can buy vegetables and strawberries are still fresh and can pick their own. For the return trip from the falls, we had to descend a hilly street that has been coated rocks. Should we prepare physically strong because it will require a lot of power to get down the stairs. Even got stopped many times along the way to breathe while enjoying the mountain air. But of course, the freshness of nature and the beautiful Niagara Dolo will overcome tiredness and make us want to go back there again.