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The English Settlement

Barrackpore, situated on the River Hooghly about 20 kms north of Kolkata was a cantonment and the country residence or suburban weekend retreat of His Excellency, the Viceroy of Bengal. The place acquired its name as Barrackpore in 1772 as the first military troops were stationed here.

The country residence is situated in a noble park about 250 acres in extent, artistically designed finely wooded with stately and laid out in English style. The mansion commenced in 1812 by the earl of Minto, Governor-General and enlarged to its present size by his successor, the marquis of Hastings. As early as the days of Macpherson and Cornwallis, it was the country seat of the governor general.

Tomb of Lady Canning
A spot of melancholy is about 300 yards to the south of the house. Here on the bank of the river, under a beautiful spread tamarind tree, is the tomb of lady Canning, who died at Calcutta in 1861, of fever caught in the Tarai on the way from Darjeeling.


The tomb is of white unpolished marble, surmounted by a St. Andrew’s cross. The tomb was surrounded by a polygonal stone base enclosure mounted with a bronze railing showing Lady Canning’s initials. The original monument now stands at St John’s cathedral in Dalhousie Square, Kolkata as it was suffering due to exposure to the weather.