Sinaran | IWareBatik

Sinaran | IWareBatik

West Java society is known as a religious community, with a wealth of cultural heritage and traditional noble values. Its community adheres to the values of ‘Herang Caina Beunang Laukna’ that promotes mutual understanding, cooperations, and mutual benefits among the community members.

Batik villages are the region where the Batik producers mostly reside and open their Batik workshops, as well as display their Batik products. You could buy the Batik textiles from the artisans and participate in the making process of Batik on the site.

Batik Production Process

Batik production can take up to one month up to 2 years depending on the purposes of the textile creation and the complexity of the process. The process of producing one textile is comprised of 8 steps from designing, wax patterning on the cloth, soaking with the natural dye, pattern colouring, full wax covering, wax removal with hot and cold water, locking the colour with natural solution, drying and the finishing. The process is repeated for each colour scheme until the desired result obtained. The artists use Canting, as tool to put hot melted wax on the cloth.