Development of Tanjungsari Tourism – West Java Inc

Development of Tanjungsari Tourism - West Java Inc

SectorInfrastucture, Utilities, & Transportation
Sub Sector
Location (Kota/Kab)Bogor Regency

Located in Bogor regency, Tanjungsari tourism (TWTT) has a total of 94.4 hectare. This area is a potential landscape resource and tourism purposes. Because it offers a various topographic, hidrologic, flora and fauna, landscape, and a direct access. Also, there are plenty of activities inside the area, such as rafting, camping ground, cottage, outbound, restaurants, playground, and convention hall.


There are four zones in this area:

  1. Zona Pariwisata Intensif, measuring 29,9 hectare
  2. Zona Wisata Ekstensif, measuring 11,2 hectare
  3. Tourist Zona Intensif, measuring 51,3 hectare
  4. Tirra, measuring 2 hectare

The development of Tanjungsari would hopefully attracts local or internation tourists and could increase the regional economy. This place also could potentially be “The next Puncak” for investors and the community. This area is also offers a better climate and greener than Puncak.

The icon of this place is a deer from Sima Sari village, Sirnarasa village, and Buanajaya village in Tanjungsari regency. This park is also located near the Deer sanctuary forest.