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Bandung Things To Do : Explore 61 Best Bandung Tourist Attraction!

Looking for Bandung things to do? Why not try explore these 61 Best Bandung tourist attraction! Well, Bandung is the capital of West Java province. The city of Bandung is always attracts tourists from various countries. Even Bandung is quite popler for local tourist.

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Idbackpacker.com (Indonesia Backpacker) – Many people maybe not too comfortable traveling during the rainy season. Especially for the destination that need to cross the sea should be temporarily avoided, weather can be worse anytime at the sea. But, how about rafting?! Wether it is rainy or not, we will remain wet while rafting isn’t it ?!

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Idbackpacker.com (Indonesia Backpacker) – After that time slowly but sure Tebing Keraton became famous as an anti-mainstream tourist destination in Bandung. Moreover, since the photos of that cliff was uploaded into the social media called Instagram. Yep, a lot of people who visit this cliff also do some selfie and upload it into Instagram. That’s why Tebing Keraton is also known as Instagram Cliff , and Selfie Cliff in Bandung.

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