Discover 25 Lovely Beaches Hidden in Yogyakarta

Discover 25 Lovely Beaches Hidden in Yogyakarta

The Southern region of Yogyakarta lies adjacent with the Indian Ocean. Along its 110 km shore are dozens of beautiful beaches-most of which remain hidden.

    • 10 Things To Do in Parangtritis Beach
      From Paragliding to Stargazing

      Parangtritis is not only magical; it also invites you with a romantic call. Here, you can try playing kites during the day, riding on a bendi (a two-wheeled traditional cart pulled by a horse) during the afternoon, or enjoying the view of the ocean of sta

    • Indrayanti Beach
      A Clean Beach with Cafe Restaurants

      Besides offering the charm of white sandy beaches with crystal clear sea water, Indrayanti also offers the sensation of starry romantic dinner at the restaurant located by the beach.

    • New Year Eve at Parangtritis Beach

      Enjoy a different sensation of New Year’s Eve at Parangtritis-from a romantic sunset to a firework party with splashes of waves as your companion.

    • Parangtritis Beach
      A Romantic Sunset View at Parangtritis

      Parangtritis Beach is only 27 km from the center of Jogja City and is famous for its romantic sunset views. Riding a horse cart along Parangtritis Beach in the afternoon will be a sweet memory.

    • Sadranan Beach
      A New Paradise to Explore the Beauty of Underwater

      If you think that we can only enjoy the beauty of Sadranan beach from the surface, now we can have a challenging water sport known as snorkeling – get into the depth of ourselves and sink into His almighty creation.

    • Baron Beach
      The Tale of the Miraculous Bule and His Tall Lighthouse

      The South coastal line of Java is indeed full of unique tales, including that of Baron Beach, which is said to be where a miraculous bule was stranded. You could imagine the tale from the shady shore, or from the tall lighthouse.

    • Drini Beach
      Quiet Coral Reef Beach

      A coral island on the seashore stands across Drini Beach, dividing it into two parts with opposing characteristics. The East side is quiet while the West is ferocious, making Drini Beach appears as if having dual characteristic.

    • Nglambor Beach
      Aquatic Universe so Amazing with a Pair of Giant Turtle Guarding

      The sea floor of Nglambor Beach is like an aquatic universe having millions of charms. Thanks to the success of a pair of “giant turtles” in taming the fierce wave of the Indian Ocean, the sea floor panorama in the south sea can now be explored.

    • Pok Tunggal Beach
      A Hidden Sanctuary with Beautiful Scenery

      The journey to Pok Tunggal Beach is unpredictable. It is initially offered a hard road, then it leads to a hidden paradise enticing and challenging guts. A tree that is iconic makes this beach more beautiful.

    • Glagah Beach
      When Ferocious Waves Meet Quiet Lagoon

      Here at the most famous beach in Kulon Progo, you can go fishing, cycling, sailing on a canoe across the lagoon, riding on a motorcross, or just sitting relaxed and enjoying tetrapods struggling to break the waves while waiting for the sunset to come.

    • Ngobaran Beach
      from Temple to Fried Sea Urchin

      Ngobaran Beach is rich of cultural enchantment; ranging from the temple, the mosque directing to the south, to the hidden culinary potential of fried sea urchin.

    • Krakal Beach
      Welcoming The Barrel at Krakal Beach

      The charming beaches along the Southern Sea coastal line – spreading far from the West to the East of Yogyakarta – cover several challenging surfing spots, one of them is Krakal Beach.

    • Wediombo Beach
      Fishing from The Coral Hill

      Fishing at the height of a coral hill to get big fish is certainly extraordinary tour. In Wediombo Beach, you can get not only such an experience but you can try to eat Panjo fish and see the Ngalangi ceremony.

    • Sepanjang Beach
      The Old Kuta Beach

      You do not have to spend too much money going to Kuta Beach only for sunbathing. You may go to Sepanjang Beach to sun bathe with more beautiful scenery.

    • Siung Beach
      Having 250 Routes for Cliff Climbing

      Siung Beach is rich in the huge coral reefs. There are 250 routes for climbing the cliff in the area and you can find the proper sites to enjoy the beach panorama. There is also siung wanara coral reef from which the name of the beach originates.

    • Ngrenehan Beach

      In Ngrenehan Beach visitor’s could see the fisherman’s activities and get various fried/ grill fishes as souvenirs.

    • Jogan Beach
      The Melting Point of Exotic Waterfall and Sea at The South of Yogyakarta

      A waterfall standing on the seashore is rare to find in Indonesia, and even in the world. Hidden behind karst hills, Gunungkidul-at the South of Yogyakarta-turns out to be keeping a waterfall which falls directly to the sea.

    • Sundak Beach
      Dog and Sea Urchin Fight which Result A Blessing

      It is not only waves that you can enjoy when you go Sundak Beach, but also historical evidences and the existing fortune; for example, the coral cave where a dog fight a sea urchin.

    • Kesirat Beach
      The Story of Enchanting Sunset and the Gratitude Implied

      The absence of sands doesn’t imply that Kesirat Beach is less attractive to visit. Aside from the story of gratitude offering implied in the local tradition, the painting of sunset on the west horizon looks so enchanting.

    • Sadeng Beach
      Visiting The Estuary of the Ancient Bengawan Solo River

      The line and the estuary of the Ancient Bengawan Solo can be seen when you come to Sadeng Beach. Looking at the present condition while imagining the past time is like witnessing the evolution process. Our eyes will see in astonishment.

    • Baru Beach
      Fun Spot for Picnic, with Windmills so Unique

      The shadiness of Casuarinaceae turns the beach into a perfect spot for family picnic. The view becomes even more unique with tens of windmills functioning as the main source of electricity at the beach.

    • Parangkusumo Beach
      The Love Beach in Yogyakarta

      Parangkusumo Beach invites you to feel unforgettable spiritual experience through the Love Stone and to commemorate the meeting between Panembahan Senopati and the Queen of South.

    • Depok Beach
      Enjoy Seafood Cuisine from Fresh Fish

      Depok Beach serves seafood cuisine from fresh fish and other sea catches in typical nuance of coastal restaurants. Not far from this area, you can see the sand dune panorama as the only such a view in South-East Asia.

    • Ngongap Beach
      Tracing the Footprints of Junghuhn the Explorer

      Enjoying a steep cliff where the Island of Java meets the Indian Ocean while tracing the footprints of the legendary explorer, Franz W. Junghuhn

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