20 Best Places in Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia

20 Best Places in Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia
Probolinggo is an area that has a tourist spot with a very beautiful view, if you want a vacation to a place where the suitable place, guaranteed you will not be disappointed but you will feel happy, especially if you are visiting with relatives or family is guaranteed to be the holiday you will more fun.

The following list of Places in Probolinggo mandatory you should visit if you’re visiting Probolinggo.1. Mount Bromo

20 Best Places in Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia

Mount Bromo is a volcano which is still active, with an altitude of 2392 meters above sea level and is the most famous mountain as a tourist attraction in East Java. Mount Bromo is located in 4 regions namely Probolinggo district, Malang, Pasuruan and Lumajang district. Mount Bromo shape mesh between gorges and valleys with sand sea area of ​​about 10 square kilometers. Mount Bromo crater has a diameter of ± 800 meters (north-south) and ± 600 meters (east-west). According to the Tengger tribe communities that exist around Mount Bromo, Mount Bromo is believed to be a sacred mountain. And every year a ceremony is held Yadnya Kasada.

2. Peak B 29 Bromo

Peak B 29 Bromo

Mount Bromo tourism, where tourism is a very fascinating, where this place is one of the tourist destinations are included in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Usually tourists spend a vacation to Mount Bromo by visiting tourist destinations among others Pananjakan, the crater of Mount Bromo, Padang Savana, and sand or sea sand Whispering existing area of ​​Mount Bromo. This time visitprobolinggo will review the tourist destinations that you can visit with family, relatives and friends and between tourist destinations at Mount Bromo that you should visit that Peak B 29

3. Savana Or Bukit Padang Teletubies Mount Bromo

Teletubis hill Mount Bromo

Enjoy the beauty of the mountain that this is indeed endless, many of the tourists who try to come back because it may be the first time they visit have yet to find a satisfactory panorama Bromo. On this occasion I will review the existing tourist destinations in Mount Bromo, which is usually much worse in the interest of the visitors to Camping.

4. Mount Argopuro

Mount Argopuro

Mount Argopuro is the former of active volcanoes with an altitude of 3,088 meters and is part of the mountain Iyang in Probolinggo. Argopuro mountain has several peaks, one of which peak is the peak Rengganis. In addition to the appeal of typical mountain peaks, there are also sites of archaeological relics are terraces which comprises 3 complex area with 5 former building terdapatv in dalamanya.

5. Beach Bentar

Beach Bentar

Bentar Beach Tourism is one of the leading tourist Probolinggo. What is interesting in this beach is the appearance of Leopard shark or whale shark. Usually they appear and appear in January-March. Simply look on the beach alone, can look really, or maybe you could use a telescope. The distance is about 1 kilometer from the shoreline. It is said that these sharks are being migrated from Australia Sea because the weather calendar.

6. Mangrove Forest

Mangrove forest

Probolinggo should be proud because it has a mangrove forest, supported by the region bordering the sea, making Probolinggo many presents places – places of interest directly facing the sea, one of which Tourism Mangrove, many tourists from outside the area Probolinggo, visiting Probolinggo who not only traveled but also conduct research and environmental observations, among probolinggo region provided for a Mangrove Tourism include:

7. Gili Ketapang

Gili Ketapang

Gili Ketapang is an island in the Madura Strait, the distance is ± 8 km from the beach Probolinggo, and is mainly inhabited by tribes Madura. Dyke which means flowing and Ketapang is the name of the place. Ketapang Gili island has an area of ​​approximately 68 hectares, and can be accessed through the Port of Tanjung Copper. Here, you can snorkel, enjoy the beautiful view of the sea, or see the beautiful coral reefs. First Gili Ketapang integrates with Java, and split after a devastating eruption of Mount Semeru. Gili means flows, Ketapang is the name of the place.

8. Hot Springs Village Tiris

Hot Springs Village Tiris

Other tourist attractions in Probolinggo is a hot water bath in the village Tiris which still includes Segaran Ranu complex, about 200 meters. Hot Water Tiris tourist village is still natural, only a very simple separation wall. There is a clear river water beside a shallow one. Around the river there are quite lush trees and beautiful natural scenery.

9. Niagara Madakaripura

Niagara Madakaripura

Madakaripura waterfall located in District Lumbang. This waterfall is still included in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Madakaripura waterfall-shaped niche with the surrounding hills, the entire field ridge tears. Niagara Mandakaripura can go from Probolinggo or from Malang. Madakaripura can be reached from Probolinggo by bus toward Tongas.

10. River Rafting Pekalen

River Rafting Pakalen

Pekalen river is only 25 kilometers from Probolinggo. This river has a beautiful view, in the river Pekalen you can play rafting. This Pekalen river flows in three districts, namely Tiris, Maron and Ivory districts. Usually the location rafting rafting sports arena is extending as far as 29 km and is divided into three zones: the Upper Pekalen river as far as 12 km, Central Pekalen river as far as 7 km, and river Pekalen Down as far as 10 km. Every each zone has its own privileges. Down in Pekalen has 32 rapids were quite challenging, while Pekalen SMA has 10 waterfalls that drain adrenaline. Here too there are bat caves and wildlife along the way.

11. Niagara Darungan

Niagara Darungan

Located in the village of Bremi, District Krucil, Probolinggo, East Java Province. has a height of about 15 m, in addition Niagara Darungan not far from the waterfall, there are Niagara Kalipedati. This waterfall taller and larger water discharge from Niagara Darungan.

12. Lake Ronggojalu

Lake Ronggojalu

Ronggojalu lake is in addition used as a tourist attraction is also used as a means of clean water to the community and industry Probolinggo. Ronggojalu lake located in the district Tegalsiwalan. Ronggojalu springs lake formed from the natural formation and has a capacity of 3000 liters per day. Of the volume of water and clear a lot of this, Probolinggo community utilize this lake. Ronggojalu also used as a means of irrigation for rice and for the drinking water needs of the city. Lake Ronggojalu there are a children’s pool, rental of tires and some food stalls. The atmosphere is cool and green with clean air would be ideal if the lake is used as a recreation area Ronggojalu family. Advertisement

13. Great Lakes

Great Lakes

Lake or can be called Ranu Supreme Court, is a lake formed from Lamongan volcano which is still active. Great Lakes has tourism potential is very beautiful, and worthy as a natural tourist destination with the atmosphere soothing view and surrounded by green trees. Grand Lake is located in the village of Ranu Court, district Tiris, Probolinggo district, to get to this area visitors can travel 40 Km Kota Probolinggo.

14. Ranu Segaran

Ranu Segaran

Ranu Segaran or called Lake Segaran Segaran in the village, district. Leak, Kab. Probolinggo. To reach Ranu Segaran can be reached from downtown Probolinggo for thirty minutes. Do not worry all the way to Ranu Segaran you’ll be treated to a view of a series of mountains and trees that can refresh the atmosphere of the trip. You can momentarily stop in Hot Water Tour on the way to Lake Segaran.

15. Lake Park Life

Lake Park Life

Park Life is a lake which is located in Mountain Valley Argopuro, according to the myth of this lake is a place that made the Goddess Rengganis along with ladies – her ladies for a bath. Lake Park Life is a camping site that has a wide enough area. Here visitors will sometimes see the animals – wild animals like Green Peacock (Pavo Mulicus), Red monkey (Presbytis rubicunda), Java monkey, deer (Muntiacus Muntjah), wild boar, deer and other wild animals.

16. Tea Garden Andung Blue

Tea gardens Andung Blue

Probolinggo is very complete all tourism destinations, this time we will review the Andung Blue Tea Plantation located precisely in the area of ​​Probolinggo district. Tea Gardens has become one of the attractions that offers the atmosphere of a typical green tea plantations, has the air around the cold and cool and exotic landscapes. Plantations are in kecapatan Tiris – Probolinggo, to route to Sightseeing, from Kota Probolinggo you go to the T-junction in the district Pajarakan (direction Paiton or Banyuwangi) and takes about 34 minutes from Kota Probolinggo, from the junction Pajarakan you can take track turn Pondok Pesantren right direction Genggong. From Genggong you continue until towards Krucil, in this Krucil you will find a junction to the left and to the right toward Bremi towards Tiris.

17. Mount Bentar Probolinggo

Bentar hill Probolinggo

Different views are now reflected in the hills of Mount Bentar, Probolinggo. Why is that, every day, let alone on the Day of the week, the Mount Bentar, filled with young people jeprat snap pose, even they demonstrate Selfi with friends. Apparently, the hills, which are located above the beach resorts Bentar with a height of 400 meters above sea level, making the amazing places in Java.

A hill located in the village of Curahsawo, District Gending, Probolinggo, today wargapun call Bentar hills or hill Selfi. To climb to the hill, visitors must go through a steep road to reach to the top. Visitors to freely see the incredible views from the top of a hill, in addition to seeing the green mangroves, and the beauty of the sea, visitors can also see the path pantura Surabaya-Situbondo.

18. jabung


Jabung a Hindu temple relics of the Majapahit kingdom, which is located in Jabung, Paiton. Although the red-brick temple Jabung able to survive for hundreds of years. Aritektur jabung is almost similar to Bahal temple, North Sumatra. Jabung within ± 5km from Kraksan.

19. Candi Kedaton

Candi Kedaton

Located in the hamlet of Lawang village Kedaton Andungbiru Tiris Probolinggo District of Kedaton temple is located at 60 km to the south of Probolinggo. Kedaton temple is one of the unique temple made of stone Andesite. This temple was built around the end of the XIV century with a unique shape and beautiful scenery around it. The upper part of the leg kedaton temple, temple-shaped shelf kedaton only has foot of the temple alone. the possibility there used to be the roof is not permanent. Kedaton Temple is a Hindu temple, measuring 6 square meters and has a year written on his ladder, reliefs contained in a written stairs lips Saka 1292 or 1370 M.Candi Kedaton has 33 relief at the foot of the temple. In addition to stories about Garudeya, there are also some relief is written like, Arjunawiwaha and Bhomakwya. Many stories in the foot wall of the temple filled with reliefs that tell of events in the days of ancient Javanese.

20. Mangrove BJBR Tourism Probolinggo

Mangrove tour BJBR Probolinggo

Mangrove tour BJBR Probolinggo located in the coastal port city of Probolinggo, East Java Mayangan became trending topics unique attractions. In contrast to the Tourism Mount Bromo, which has an extension BJBR Beejay Mangrove Resort was inaugurated in 2013 ago and became the center of attention of the tourists quickly. Towards this Mangrove tour is easy because it is situated not far from the square of the town of Probolinggo is precisely the north side of the square.

That was some 20 Places which are in Probolinggo, East Java Region. So if you pay a visit to Probolinggo sempatkanlah for a visit to one of these attractions.