17 Best Places in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Surabaya has a tourist spot with a very beautiful view, if you want a vacation to a place where the suitable place, guaranteed you will not be disappointed but you will feel happy, especially if you are visiting with relatives or family vacation you will be guaranteed to be more fun.

Surabaya is the capital of East Java province and is the second largest city in Indonesia. In addition to a business center and education in East Java, the city known as the hero of the city, it is also has many interesting sights.

Here’s 17 Best Places list in Surabaya which required you should visit:

1. Beach Kenjeran

Kenjeran beach is a tourist place in Surabaya, which is famous for families who want to enjoy the beach atmosphere. In addition to enjoying the atmosphere Kenjeran Beach, visitors can also fishing, buying fish, and a boat ride. My advice, bring a mat for lounging under a tree and enjoy the atmosphere Kenjeran Beach. There is also a children’s play facilities Beach Beach Kenjeran Kenjeran so it is suitable for family tourism activities.

2. Travel Mangrove Forest Wonorejo

Travel Wonorejo Mangrove Forest is one of the tourist attractions in Surabaya most favorite for the category of nature. Away from the city crowd, Wonorejo mangrove forest is suitable place to enjoy the tranquility of nature. Located deket with Juanda Airport in Surabaya, Wonorejo Mangrove Forest offers natural beauty of nature. In Mangrove Forest Wonorejo you can walk down the bamboo bridge over the water and the green of Mangrove Forest Wonorejo penetrate. Another alternative is to enjoy the Mangrove Forest Wonorejo Travel by boat.3. Surabaya Zoo

Surabaya Zoo is one of the tourist attractions in Surabaya are popular. Located at Jalan Setail, formerly the Surabaya Zoo zoo is the most comprehensive in Southeast Asia. Surabaya Zoo has an area of ​​37 hectares sektiar.

4. Ciputra Waterpark Surabaya

Ciputra Waterpark is the largest water tourism vehicle in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The location is located in West Surabaya, built by the Company in the area Ciputra Group Citraland. You can find a variety of rides, for example Sirens River, Chimera Pool, Marina Lagoon, Sinbad Playground, Roc Tower, and Syracuse Beach. Tourist attractions Surabaya this one open to the public every Tuesday until Friday, starting at 14:00 to 19:00 pm. At the weekend and public holidays, starting open from 8:00 to 20:00 o’clock pm.5. Suramadu

Longest bridge is the bridge over the Madura Strait waters. As the name implies, Suramadu bridge linking Surabaya and Madura. With a length of nearly 5,500 meters, is the longest bridge in Indonesia jembatang longest. Is built with the original purpose of accelerating the development of Madura, the current longest bridge has become an icon as well as tourist attractions in Surabaya very famous.

6. House of Sampoerna

House of Sampoerna is one of the tourist attractions in Surabaya, which must be visited as a museum located in the Old Surabaya This is a historic building at the same time interesting museums. With a Dutch-style buildings and a unique front pillar-shaped cigarette, House of Sampoerna is a historic place preserved state. Museum House of Sampoerna has a collection of tobacco processing equipment, photo keluaga, various types of shutter, replica stalls, musical instruments, and others. In addition we can also buy souvenirs and see the process of making cigarettes on the 2nd floor of the House of Sampoerna.

7. Submarine Monument

Submarine Monument is a museum located in downtown Surabaya. Submarine Monument Museum is a real submarine. The first submarine ever to participate in the battle of liberation of West Irian from the Dutch. The monument is located at Jalan Pemuda is very interesting to see because it seldom we can see and get into the real submarine.

8. Tugu Pahlawan

Tugu Pahlawan is a most famous monument in the city of Surabaya. The monument is located at Jalan Pahlawan has a height of over 40 meters and shaped nail crate upside down. Tugu Pahlawan made on an area of ​​more than 1 hectare to commemorate and honor all soldiers Surabaya who died in the war against the invaders. In addition, underground Tugu Pahlawan also a museum containing photographs of documentation.

9. Park Bungkul

Located at Jalan Raya Darmo, Bungkul Park is a favorite place for gatherings of citizens of Surabaya. Bungkul garden equipped with a children’s playground, jogging track, amphitheater, playground skateboard, fountain, internet, and green atmosphere. Many entertainment and cultural events held in the park Bungkul. If you inginberwisata culinary, in Bungkul Park there are also many food vendors typical Surabaya.10. Rumah Batik

Batik house located at Jalan Dukuh Pond has a batik collection of more than 2,000 sheets with patterns and motifs are different and come from different places in Indonesia. Batik house is ever to get a record batik logo Largest Surabaya.11. Youth Park Surabaya

Park Young Surabaya is a fairly well-known tourist attraction in the city of Surabaya. The park provides a wide range of entertainment for those who visit it, there are about 16 games consists of Boom Boom Car, Ghost House (Ghost House), Shooting Gallery, Merry Go Round, Twin Dragon, Twist Aladin, Mini Train, Ball Pool and others. With so many various games, the park has an area of ​​16.910m2 is certainly very suitable as a family holiday destination you. Young Park lies on Jl Surabaya. Kusuma Bangsa.

12. Surabaya Night Carnival

Suroboyo Night Carnival is a vehicle for family game which opened in 2014. The concept of Suroboyo Night Carnival is a tour that features a variety of family games indoor and outdoor games, a market, a gallery of paintings and exciting events are updated every month. Although the beginning of the opening could lead to the pros and cons due to the immense number of visitors and the lack of availability of parking space, but this time the manager is able to overcome these problems so Suroboyo Night Carnival never empty of visitors.13. Museum MPU Tantular

Tantular MPU museum is a continuation of the establishment of cultural institutions Stedelijk Historisch Museum Surabaya Soerabaia by a citizen of the German, Von Vaber, in 1933 ranging from prehistoric relics, relics in the kingdom of Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, as well as the colonial period. Location Museum MPU this Tantular at Jl. Raya Buduran – Flyover, Sidoarjo.14. WR Museum. Soepratman

Museum WR. This Soepratman You can see the original writing WR. Soepratman when creating the Indonesian national anthem at the beginning and witnessed the historical violins that accompany him while making some national anthem. Location museum is also adjacent to the tomb of one of the heroes of Indonesia. You can find this museum in Jln. Tambaksari mango, Surabaya.

15. Sky World (Tian Ti Pagoda)

Kenjeran Park Sky World or Pagoda Tian Ti which means sky-Earth, pembangunannnya purposely built to boost the prestige of the area tourist Kenjeran Park Surabaya. This pagoda was built exactly as a place of worship ancient temple located in Beijing, the construction made very similar both in terms of colors, shapes and ornaments. Although similar to the temple in Beijing, pagoda in Kenjeran Park is not to worship a particular religion so only for a tourism development only. Because not for a place of worship, in the pagoda, visitors can enter freely without interfering with the absorption of worship of other faiths.

16. Artama Harbour Cruise

Not many people know if Surabaya has a nautical tourism vessel, the vessel operated by PT. IPC Marine accommodates 35 people in every departure every Sunday. Complete route starts from Tanjung Perak – Container Terminal – Cultural Preservation Office Buildings ADPEL Surabaya – Monument Jalesveya Jayamahe – longest bridge – Tanjung Perak. During the two hour from 09:00 to 11:00 we will be treated to the sights of the loading and unloading of ships, see Jayamahe Jalasveya monument triumph, even we will pass under the bridge Suramadu. Surely this is an interesting tour that is not to be missed when visiting Surabaya, due to limited seating should try to book far in advance.17. De Mata Trick Eye Surabaya

2015 is, Surabaya has an alternative new tour called De Mata Trick Eye which is the second branch of Yogyakarta. The concept of De Mata Trick Eye is a 3D painting shaped optical illusion, we can take pictures in front of the paintings so that the photo we look together and real impressed. we can enjoy 104 paintings with various themes, including the theme of nature, sports, numbers, animals, super heroes, romance, circus, ornaments, etc.