TANGKUBAN PERAHU,Most enjoyable places in west java,Indonesia

TANGKUBAN PERAHU,Most enjoyable places in west java,Indonesia
TANGKUBAN PERAHU,Most enjoyable places in west java,Indonesia TANGKUBAN PERAHU,Most enjoyable places in west java,Indonesia TANGKUBAN PERAHU,Most enjoyable places in west java,IndonesiaTangkuban Perahu Mountain is located about 30 km north of Bandung. This beautiful place is located in Lembang area, approximately 30 minutes from Bandung using Tangkuban Parahu bermotor.Gunung vehicle has a height of 2084 meters tall. This mountain became one of the interesting tourist destinations in West Java. Natural environment is cool, and hot springs at the foot of the mountain-foot. Rows of elongated craters, the main attraction is actually .Tangkuban Boat volcano. Tangkuban boat named because its shape resembles an inverted ship.
Boat Tangkuban name itself very closely with a legend who is very famous Sundanese land, namely Sangkuriang. Tangkuban Perahu mountain which from a distance looked like a boat upside down, supposedly caused by supernatural powers Sangkuriang finish the job that failed in making the boat overnight to marry Dayang Sumbi that none other than his own mother. Because so upset not to complete construction of the boat, Sangkuriang finally kicked the boat that has not finished it. Diataslah legend who became closely linked in the naming of Tangkuban Perahu mountain.
Tangkuban Perahu mountain charm is so adorable, even, when the weather is sunny, the curve of the soil on the crater wall can be seen clearly, in contrast with the green trees around the mountain. Not only that, the bottom of the crater can we enjoy the beauty that was amazing. Natural beauty is what makes Tangkuban Perahu become one of the natural attractions mainstay of West Java Province, particularly in Bandung.
The road to Tangkuban boat, on left sides of the street you will see a stretch of green tea gardens and rows of pine trees. His name is also the mountain, certainly every time the air is really cool. Because the boat is Tangkuban Mount Merapi which is still active until recently, it has always been a lot happening eruption which left the rest of the eruptive crater. Currently craters-craters have been used as a place-crater wisata.Kawah include Crater Queen, Upas, Domas, New, Jurig, Rhino, Jurian, Demon and Pangguyungan Rhino. Among these craters, Crater Queen is the largest crater, followed by Upas crater that is located adjacent to the crater Queen. Several crater sulfur smell smoke, there is even forbidden to descend the crater, because the smell of toxic smoke.
If you visit to Bandung, take your time to visit Tangkuban boat. The cool air, beautiful scenery, all of them will make you satisfied. Visiting Tangkuban boat means you have been enjoying the natural attractions, tours Lagenda, and also shopping. Because in this mountain region we encounter many merchants who sell various sauvenir, food, etc.. On the lip of the crater of this mountain you can also walk around with a rented horse, all of which will add to your satisfaction the tour.Enjoying views of the crater of Mount Tangkuban Queen Boat, like seeing a giant bowl of very large and deep. When the weather clears, the curve of the soil on the crater wall as well as the bottom of the crater can be seen quite clearly so as to present the spectacular panoramic views. Grandeur of the crater is so vast and deep, at least able to force the viewer to a moment silent and amazed by the greatness of God’s work.
Located at an altitude of 1860 meters, the exact area of Lembang, Bandung District – West Java, a tourist attraction Tangkuban Perahu indeed become one of the mainstay of local revenue. With the price of 8000 rupiah per person admission with the average number of visitors reached 500 people least able to reap revenues of around 3 million rupiah per day excluding income from entry fees for private cars and tour buses. Not to mention the revenue obtained indirectly from the sale and purchase food and souvenirs are located around the site, which of course also contributed in no small amount of cash revenue.
Mount Tangkuban Perahu is one that is still active volcano on the island of Java. Several times this mountain ever recorded erupted, mengeluarka bowels resulting in nine craters scattered in various places in the top of the mountain. Queen Crater is the largest crater in this location, followed by Upas crater that is located adjacent to the crater queen and can be reached by walking about 25 minutes a distance of approximately + / – 1500 meters from the observer post, around the edge of the crater Queen, counter-clockwise .
Upas Crater has the bottom of the crater is shallow and flat, with wild trees seem to grow on one side of the bottom of the crater. Perhaps due to shallow and not too broad, as well as to go by foot first, and (unlike Queen Crater where private cars could be parked right on the lip of the crater), crater upas rarely visited by tourists. The view presented in this Upas crater tends to “ordinary”, but it is possible to enjoy scenery Crater Queen from a different side, given lip Upas Crater Crater Queen and united in the form of a climbing lane, with a crater of the Queen on the left side and Upas Crater on the right side.
About some of the volcanoes on the Queen’s lips, a lot of traders and stalls are ready to sell souvenirs, food or beverages. Various souvenirs ranging from clothes, scarves, caps, bracelets / rings, natural stone, bonsai plants, musical instruments (Angklung) until a sharp weapon special areas of West Java, also sold at this location. Store food and beverages also appear lined up ready to serve buyers. Not to mention the fruit seller strawberries and mulberries that offers merchandise fro merkea kesetip visitors encounter. Crafts in the form of bags and hats from the fur (rabbit?) Looks very attractive due to the softness of fur-nyasaat touched. For visitors who are tired, especially small children, is also a horse that is ready to lead and to serve visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of Tangkuban Perahu with riding horses.
Public facilities such as toilets and places of worship (mosque) is also available this location, as well as tourist information centers that are ready to provide various information needed by the tourists around in Bandung and its surrounding attractions for free. It appears that local governments are serious enough to manage this tourist attraction, many facilities already available, although still need to be increased again, especially toilet facilities.