Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists Destination

Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists Destination

Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists Destination

The island of Bali is blessed with the line of beaches surrounding it. Bali Beaches…. from palm fringed white sand on the east coast to the wilder black sand beaches on the west coast, with sleepy undisturbed coves in-between. Once the haunt of surfers, Bali’s beaches now welcome visitors in search of paradise with superb hotels and excellent facilities.

For the majority of tourists to Bali, time honored images of palm fringed beaches are uppermost in the mind and probably the biggest single reason for purchasing that ticket to paradise. The reality is all that and more. While those palm fringed beaches do exist, there is also the wild coastline of the west with black sand beaches and treacherous waters, as well as the dramatic surf beaches of bukit, the aquamarine lagoons of Lembongan island and the sleepy coves in the north.

Nammos Beach
Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists DestinationStyled after a whimsical folly on some Greek island in the Aegean, complete with indigenous grass roof and bamboo platform, Nammos Beach Club presides over a pristine sweep of white sand and a tranquil turquoise lagoon whose only access is via Karma Kandara’s private inclinator, which carries guests effortlessly up and down …. Read More

Bloo Lagoon Beach
Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists DestinationBloo Lagoon Beach which is in the earlier time known as “little beach” have a very exotic panorama although this beach is not as wide as many beaches in Bali. Actually, this beach can give you a perfect natural fantasy. Bloo Lagoon which is located under the north canyon of Silayukti temple have a calm waves, because it is surrounded …. Read More

Jimbaran Beach
Jimbaran offers a small-secluded beach area, where tranquility and perfect peace is the perfect antidote to a stressful world.Jimbaran Beach is directly south of the airport, on the way from Denpasar towards Nusa Dua. Jimbaran village is the narrow neck of Bali Island, and thus it has two remarkably different beaches. On the west, Jimbaran Beach faces the Jimbaran Bay, recently lined by new luxurious resorts. On the east, the beach faces the body of water …. Read More

Candidasa Beach
Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists DestinationLies 85 km north-east of the airport, Candidasa is a relaxing beach area close to cultural treasures like Pura Besakih (“Bali’s Mother Temple”) While the beach is not one of Bali’s best, the tranquility of Candidasa has attracted a number of exclusive hotels like the Amankila and the and the Chedi. Candidasa is most often compared to Kuta …. Read More

Nusa Dua Beach
Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists DestinationNusa Dua (meaning Two Islands) is the name of the peninsula that extends off the southern tip of the island of Bali, hosting a pristine complex of luxury hotels. A heavy concentration of big name international hotels lines the beautiful white sand shore that offers excellent swimming conditions in a protected lagoon. Located ten kilometres …. Read More

Sanur Beach
Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists DestinationSanur Beach is located only 4 km from downtown of Denpasar and it can be easily reached by car or motorcycle. It is many visited by foreign and local tourists especially on the weekend and holiday season. At the night of full moon, many people come to this place for relaxation, swimming or enjoy the beauty of coast. As a tourist place …. Read More

Tulamben Beach
Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists DestinationTulamben grows into tourist area for its strategic position and because of the beauty of its surroundings. From here, we will be able to witness the fascinating view of Mount Agung on the west side. Besides, it also offers a magnificent panorama of marine life. In our underwater adventure, we will find the wreck of …. Read More

Amuk Bay Beach
Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists DestinationAmuk Bay is around 6km across with the villages of Padang Bay to the south and Candidasa to the north. Two islands (Tepekong and Mimpang) outside the bay, and Biaha a little to the north, offer some of the most breath-taking diving in Bali. However, due to strong currents and unpredicatable water movements, these 3 sites need …. Read More

Padangbai Beach
Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists DestinationThis tourist object is located at Padangbai village, Manggis district, about 53 km from Amlapura. Except being famous for its tourist attractions, Padangbai is the gateway to enter this island. The location of Padangbai is in a rural and isolated bay named Padang, which has been used as a harbour since years ago. The name of …. Read More

Yeh Gangga Beach
Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists DestinationThe scenery of Yeh Gangga Beach is beautiful in this peaceful village, where rice farming, fishing and sea salt harvesting are the main activities. Gentle sloping rice terraces fringe a sparkling black mineral shore trail riding west, we pause at a waterfall, a temple set on the cliffs, a bat cave and a natural rock headland which juts out …. Read More

Soka Beach
Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists DestinationThe situation of Soka Beach is very beautiful scenery, bordered by dibagian western hills continued to be one with Gunung Batukaru to the north. In the eastern part of Mount Agung and look Batukaru Mountains and south of the Ocean Indonesia where dimly visible in the distance Blambangan (Banyuwangi) on the island of Java. Besides its …. Read More

Kusamba Beach
Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists DestinationKusamba Beach is one of the favorite places of interest in Bali which is famous with the beautiful beach. The boat line with the outrigger belong to the fisherman from countryside are decorating the black sand unfolding along the coastal. Nusa Penida Island is across view which is only occupied by 40.000 people. Kusamba own the marvelous view…. Read More

Lovina Beach
Beaches Is The Most Bali Tourists DestinationLovina is officially located in Kalibukbuk area and covering some countryside like Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Anturan and Kalibukbuk countryside. Lovina is one of the famous tourist places in north part of Bali which own beautiful of calm sea water, blackish chromatic sand and the sea with its dolphin. One of the favorite fascinations in Lovina …. Read More