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Amazing-East Java Description of Kabupaten Madiun
Amazing-East Java Madiun is located south west (169 km) of Surabaya and is a good base from where comfortable day trips can be made to other interesting places like Sedudo waterfalls (Nganjuk), Sarangan (Magetan), Lake Ngebel (Ponorogo), Mount Lawu, etc.

The second level region of Madiun occupies a lowland plain about 63 m above the sea level and is located in a river valley of Sungai Madiun, it is about 30 km from Bengawan Solo. The region is surrounded by the mountains range. The east part of the region there is Mount Wilis (2,169 m), and the south part is bordered by Kapur Selatan mountains range with the average height 500 – 1000 m above the sea level. To the west part there is Mount Lawu (3,285 m) and to the north there is Kendeng mountain range with 100 – 500 m height stretching from the east to the west.

Madiun topographical condition, it is 67 m at the south part of the region and comes lower up to 64 m at the north, and only 63 m in the middle of the town.
Madiun Municipality is the west part of East Java Province located in a lowland plain area at 7 – 8 degree south latitude and 111 – 112 degree east longitude. The area covers 7.5 km from the north to the south and 6 km from the east to the west.

The average temperature in Madiun is 20 – 35 degrees C. Wind blows from the north to the south during the rainy season and it has maximum average rainfall about 588 mm and the minimum is 2 mm per year.

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