5 attractions in Bandung | Indonesia Travel

5 attractions in Bandung | Indonesia Travel

5 attractions in the famous Bandung | Many attractions in bandung are beautiful and you can make it a tourist destination when holidays or if there is spare time. Bandung is also the largest Metropolitan City in West Java, and two in Indonesia’s second largest City after Jakarta.

However Bandung city still has a very famous natural attractions i.e. White Crater Bandung, and tour the most well-known modern Trans Studio, Bandung. In terms of tourism, Bandung city no less Interestingly if compared with tourist spots in bali.

An awful lot of list of tourist attractions in Bandung menajadi interesting to visit tourist destinations, from the many popular tourist attractions in Bandung and its surroundings, our Tourist Info blog pick 5 as an option.

And here are 5 interesting in Bandung Tour of Tourist Info:

1. White Crater

The crater is located at the site of white PutihKawah mount patuha, mountain in West Java. the height of the mountain is more or less 2. 386. the mtr. the crater of Mount patuha is so interesting sights as well as the beautiful and white crater has a name. This crater can give some visitors the experience is not the same. visitors can be as central in the snow because the soil was white and it looks like the expanse of snow. a vast crater with water a bit bluish green can make as there is in the middle of the beach. trees that existed at this location a couple of stalks and have stayed have dried up could create situations that are not the same. in this location there is also the large stones.

2. the Curug Dago

Curug Dago Bandung

Curug Dagocurug dago is at an altitude of approximately 800 mtr. at above sea level. elevations of over 30 mtr. kian. Here visitors can not only enjoy the natural scenery and beauty in more or less the curug, tourists can also track the traces of the former Kingdom of thailand. not far from the waterfall there are two inscriptions laden with value history relics of th. 1818 m.

3. Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio BandungSesuatu playground that is in the world’s largest and is administered by trans corp. no less Interestingly with trans studio makassar already built before the moment trans studio bandung and this time was successful, similarly to following the success of trans studio makassar was trans Corp. built the tour rides again something in the room that is located in the city of bandungWest Java, Java Island, indonesia. bandung: trans studio a very magnificent sights as well as the supremely fit for you with their families and relatives who are interested in a vacation to bandung.

4. De’Ranch Valley

De'Ranch Lembang Bandung

De’Ranch LembangBila you are interested in a cowboy-style, i.e. the area deranch pas. deranch is located at Jalan maribaya No. 17. This area is easy to reach and is quite popular. There are many types of outbound traffic in this area. You can also wear a cowboy-style clothes and horses are there in deranch. while riding on a horse, you can menhirup Eve lembang that cool and fresh. In addition, there are many type of outbound as flying fox, atv, boat, and many more fun activities. do not forget to enjoy the pizza and the sausage typical of the deranch, nyamm.

5. Kampung Gajah Wonderland

Kampung Gajah Wonderland

Elephant WonderlandKampung elephant village which is something a playground in cihideung. This place not only has many tourist attractions like horse riding, atv touring, fun bike, outbound activities, segway, buggy as well as sky rider. This area also features the shopping areas are also culinary. kampung gajah is a beautiful mountainous situation given as well as cool.