The Most Exceptional Beaches In Indonesia Indonesia Tourism Indonesia Tourism

The Most Exceptional Beaches In Indonesia  Indonesia Tourism Indonesia Tourism

Indonesia Tourism – Indonesia that blanketed by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean makes Attractions beaches in Indonesia increasingly diverse and magnificent, moreover it is crossed by the Equator that make Indonesia rich in ultraviolet light and suitable for sunbathing on the beach, for that no wonder many foreign tourists who visited in Indonesia and spent time on the beach. And this is where a variety of Sights best Beaches in Indonesia and obviously suitable as a reference for your vacation.

The Most Exceptional Beaches In Indonesia

Balekambang Beach In Malang, East Java

Balekambang Beach In Malang Stunning views on the beach at the Hapless Balekambang East Java is indeed very exotic, there has a characteristic i.e. There are three rocks that is quite extensive but locals refer to it as the island already. A third of the island and has the name of the island, the island of wisanggeni anoma, and there is obviously a Ismoyo temples on the island. Balekambang Beach for that this was the place for Beach Tourism In Indonesia which has its own uniqueness.

Sawarna Beach in Banten

Sawarna Beach in Banten A picturesque beach of the majestic nan forming a Crescent Moon, around the coast there is Goa which are interesting to visit. Attractions beaches in Indonesia is located in district of Bayah Lebak Regency of Banten. There is now already available lodging houses are suitable for overnight along exactly at the time when couples on a honeymoon.

The Beach On Moyo Island – East Nusa Tenggara

The Beach On Moyo Island An island located in the North of the island of sumbawa but still in East Nusa Tenggara district turned out to save the beauty that is not less interesting than Bali, clear water up to above sea level we can see the rocks inside. In addition there is already there are tourist facilities i.e., sea fishing, diving, and enjoy the beauty of the coral reef to the existing range of types of fish.

Derawan Beach In East Kalimantan

Derawan Beach In East KalimantanA coastal tourism in this beautiful island has a depth of only about 5 meters, but at a certain depth you can find the name of the Blue Trigger wall there are certainly a lot of trigger fish there. Rather if you are fond of diving and enjoy the beauty of the beaches you can visit the on-site Beach Tourism In Indonesia this one precisely in Derawan berau in East kalimantan.

Gili Nanggu Island, West Nusa Tenggara

The Island Of Gili Nanggu A small island with natural beauties presents in the form of a marine park with a variety of beautiful fish in it. The island has a beach with white sand and clear water. It is set in district Central Sekotong Lombok Regency West.

Kuta Beach In Bali

Derawan Beach In East Kalimantan Attractions beaches in Indonesia this one is the main tourist destination of the foreign tourists, there is indeed always flooded with visitors every day. There you can do activities like surfing Beach and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Done that can we pass on we wish you a successful visit. And thank you have visited on our pages about the Various attractions of beaches in Indonesia’s most magnificent and many visitors.

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